These residences are owned and funded by municipal governments or non-profit organizations. Rent is set by market prices, and income determines how much of the cost is subsidized by the government. If you qualify for these subsidies, you may be required to only pay up to 30% of your household’s monthly income. After becoming a resident of one of these communities, you can apply for assisted living services completely funded by your LHIN. As with LTC homes, waitlists are common.

To be eligible for this program you must:

  • Be a tenant of a supportive housing community
  • Require personal care and/or homemaking services, or need 24-hour intermittent on-site assistance
  • Be at least 59 years of age
  • Be able to direct your own care and be medically stable
  • Be able to self-medicate (with or without reminders)

This type of residence is ideal for those who want 24-hour care, but do not need the continuous attention received at a LTC home from nursing staff. Each community has a registered practical nurse (RPN), with most services being provided by a personal support worker (PSW). 


Our care coordinators provide free care assessment and resources.