Retirement homes are residences that are regulated by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority (RHRA). They are primarily occupied by persons who are 65 years or older, and make available at least two of the care services listed under the Retirement Homes Act (RHA). A few examples of these services are: assistance with bathing, meal preparation, and service by a registered nurse. Not all retirement homes offer the same services, so it is important that you confirm what is available at the residence you are considering. This option is suited for those who want to be more independent, but desire a certain amount of care. Generally, you will not be given full time supervision. A referral from a CCAC is not required, unlike eligibility for a long-term care home, which will be discussed later.

Costs start at $1,500, go upwards of $6,000, and average at $3,236 per month. This wide range accounts for the quality of the home, types of services provided, and location. Unsurprisingly, the GTA is on average the most expensive region of Ontario to live in. Average fees are $3,825 per month. The government does not subsidize retirement homes, so you will be required to pay full costs. There are controls in place to ensure fees are not raised to unreasonable levels. 

Make sure you are aware of exactly what services are included in your monthly fee. Each retirement home you consider should have a clear breakdown of what is included, so that you are aware of what you may have to pay extra for. While the government will not subsidize your monthly or service fees, you may still be eligible for care from your local CCAC. Your income level does not factor into your access to these services. Also, remember that receiving any concurrent care with CCAC will exempt you from paying HST for all private home care.

Not sure where to start?

Our care coordinators provide free care assessment and resources. If you need recommendation for a retirement home, we can also help with that.