To be considered a retirement home, the residence must be licensed by the RHRA. There are some residences that function as a community for seniors and may offer meals, laundry, and other general services. But, they do not provide personal care services, and so are not regulated by this authority. Close proximity to other seniors in the community makes this an appealing option for some. However, you should carefully consider if this choice is right for you because if your care needs increase, you may end up paying much more to receive outside help than you had originally planned. A referral from a CCAC is not required to live in these homes.

Fees for this type of residence range from $1,400 to $3,500 per month. You will need to arrange all personal care needs with outside organizations, and pay all associated costs, if they are not all covered by CCAC.

There are many types of living arrangements within these communities. Some will consist exclusively of apartments in large buildings, and others will have townhouses and bungalows. Ensure that you understand what general services the residence provides, as certain homes do not provide any services. The main appeal of these homes is getting access to a social group consisting of those in your age group.

Purchasing a life lease may be an option in certain residences. This purchase gives you the right to occupy the unit, but you do not technically own any property. You are able to sell the life lease to others, or you can occupy the residence until death, at which point it transfers to your estate. A large payment upfront is required, plus monthly maintenance fees and property taxes. 

For further details on this arrangement, see this resource guide.


Our care coordinators provide free care assessment and resources. If you need recommendation for an Independent living facility, we can also help with that.