A stroke occurs when brain cells are damaged because blood has stopped flowing to that area of the brain. This happens when there is a blockage, clot, or an artery breaks in the brain. The lasting effects of a stroke will vary depending on which area of the brain was affected, and the extent of damage to that area. As mentioned earlier, this can lead to developing dementia.

Rehabilitation is incredibly important to recover from the effects of a stroke. It is critical that this be arranged early because most of a patient’s gains will occur in the first year after injury. Fortunately, this does not mean that progress is impossible after one year has passed. Current brain research has found that the brain is much more plastic than previously thought, and with the proper training techniques additional healing is possible. A nurse will be able to provide mobility training and occupational therapy to guide your loved one in making the progress that they are capable of. For those who have lost a significant amount of functioning after their stroke, live-in care may be ideal.