A person undergoing depression is experiencing despair for an extended period of time. It is more than just feeling an intense sadness when dealing with negative events. While there is a genetic component, it can also develop during prolonged hardship. As your loved one ages and experiences illness and loss, they become more susceptible to this condition.

Daily support can be crucial to helping someone cope with depression. Companionship that offers compassion and understanding is highly suggested. A professional caregiver will be able to motivate your loved one to stay involved in activities that promote positive feelings. Escorts to therapy sessions, and medication management may also be necessary. Anti-depressants often have side effects, and careful notice of any that occur can help the primary physician know when to change the dose or medication. Our special caregiver matching technology is especially useful when treating this condition. Commonalities among language, culture, and personal interests will allow your loved one to connect with their caregiver more easily.