Cancer occurs when abnormal cells spread out-of-control to other tissues. There are so many types (about 200) that it is likely you or someone close to you will be affected by it. Caring for a cancer patient is an immense endeavor. The later the stage of the cancer, the more involved a caregiver will have to be. Live-in care may be a suitable fit for those with more progressed cancer.

There may be post-surgery needs if the primary physician recommends operating. In this case a trained nurse will aid your loved one in their surgical recovery. If chemotherapy is needed, then this draining process will leave the patient incapable of performing many of the activities of daily living. Additionally, side effects of any medication will need to be monitored and managed. Developing cancer also has a high emotional impact on someone who is diagnosed. An experienced caregiver will be able to guide your loved one through these changes.