Why Just Getting Any Caregiver Isn't Enough

Spending one's last years happily at home should be achievable by anyone who wants that, yourself and your elderly family, naturally, included. People generally want to live independently regardless of their age, but unfortunately that's not always possible. Age brings a decline in physical and cognitive abilities that can make it difficult to live without assistance.

That's where home caregivers come in—they provide your loved ones the assistance they need in order to otherwise live independently. They work closely with their clients to ensure their health. Senior care isn't just about performing medical duties with any available caregiver from some agency, it is about building a relationship with a professional that works well with your family. Not convinced? Here are some good reasons to go for personalized home care.

Senior Clients Need to Trust who they Depend On

Relying on someone else's help on a daily basis can be a jarring, frustrating, and even embarrassing transition for people who have lived largely independently their whole lives. As a result, it's not uncommon for people to resist or resent receiving care at the start, even if they understand that they need assistance from a home caregiver.

Building a solid relationship between client and caregiver is absolutely essential to good home health care. Personalizing care makes it easier for clients to find a caregiver that they want to work with. Your loved ones will be more willing to discuss their needs with someone they know and trust—wouldn't you?

Different Clients Need Different Levels of Care

You might simply need to find your loved ones help with their personal care like grooming, hygiene, and timing their medication. You might need more than that, like specialized care for someone suffering from the effects of diabetes, dementia, or other long-term illnesses that make living without assistance difficult, if not impossible.

For instance, people who have experienced a stroke or who have diabetes have special needs associated with their condition, such as rehabilitative therapy and monitoring blood sugar levels and circulatory function. Some home health caregivers specialize in working with clients suffering from conditions like these. Home visits from a nurse, who have years of training in nursing school and often receive further training in home care and certain conditions, might even be necessary for some individuals, especially if they are dealing with injuries or major conditions like cancer.

Some people might just need a little help living their life, and others might need regular physical therapy and checkups. Regardless of the level of need, there are home care specialists who can cater to it.

Matching Your Loved Ones to the Right Caregiver

A trusting relationship between client and caregiver can't be forced. It takes compatible personalities between both people, which means that there's no “best” caregiver, only the best caregiver for a given person in need. Even then, it takes time to build that relationship up. Plus, it's a lot easier to discuss your needs and issues with a professional caregiver when you feel comfortable with them on a personal level.

Finding the right caregiver for your loved one is essential if they're going to work together. Mavencare uses an effective matching algorithm that pairs you with the ideal caregiver for your needs. Considerations go beyond just the skills necessary for the job. We consider factors like language abilities, cultural background, and even interests in common in order find the best match. If they get along as people, their caregiver-client relationship will surely benefit, which is very important for your loved ones' quality of life.

A Caregiver's Companionship Benefits Emotional and Mental Health

It's impossible to be there for your loved ones one hundred percent of the time, but advanced age often comes with a diminished social circle and ability to go out to socialize. This can be especially hard for outgoing personalities. Feeling isolated and bored isn't just unpleasant; regular cognitive stimulation is vital to staving off mental decline in old age.

For these reasons, caregivers don't just perform home health care services—they provide companionship to your loved ones. Engaging with clients socially by playing games or just having a long chat isn't a formality, but a central part of some caregivers' responsibilities to their clients.

Personalized Home Care Respects Your Loved Ones' Wishes

At the end of the day, it's the client who decides whether a caregiver will work for them or not. Personalizing their home care lets them choose for themselves who they'll be working with. They are ultimately in charge of the decision, so it's important for them to feel like they're in charge, too, and that they have that choice to make.

When it comes to in home care, personal compatibility between a senior client and their caregiver is a central part of the service itself. Mavencare makes an effort to find a caregiver that your loved ones will get along and feel comfortable with. The many benefits of personalized home care boil down to that simple idea. Why settle for anything less than that?


Selecting the right caregiver for your aging loved one can be tough. We help families like yours to the right type of care and find the best possible caregiver for your needs. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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