What is a Home Care Agency and How is Mavencare Different?

Ninety percent of seniors want to stay in their own homes as they age, often referred to as “aging in place” but the majority cannot accomplish this. Senior home care typically involves services performed in a senior’s home to help them when they are struggling to perform daily tasks, chronically ill, or recovering from surgery. They need reliable caregivers and/or nurses to assist them with activities of daily living to keep them healthy and safe at home.

Typical home care agencies provide caregivers to assist your loved one with their activities of daily living to prevent them from being forced to move into an assisted living or nursing facility.

Mavencare offers more than the basics. We help families set up home care with certified caregivers and nurses who assist your senior loved one with aging in place. With Mavencare, you get a dedicated care coordinator who not only helps you set up care with the best caregivers for your loved one, they also manage your loved one’s care schedule on an ongoing basis to ensure that every shift is covered.

You can arrange your own home care with a caregiver, but you’ll have to do your own criminal background checks, verification of their qualifications, scheduling, arrange the necessary insurance, and backup plans if your caregiver gets sick or goes on vacation.

With a home care agency, we take care of all the work to get you qualified and compassionate caregivers and nurses who build relationships with your loved one. At Mavencare, we take home care a step further, we offer personalized home care services from a team of health professionals with convenience and transparency.


Personalized home care services to fit your needs.

Every elder is unique and every case of aging is unique, showing in different ways and progressing at different rates. We understand that, so when you begin home care with Mavencare, one of our nurses will conduct a home assessment with your loved one to determine the best form of care that they require and develop a customized care plan for their needs.

We use our proprietary technology to find the best caregiver for your loved one based on their needs, interests, and preferences. You and your loved one will have the chance to meet with potential caregivers to personally assess who would be the best fit.

We are also able to personalize your loved one’s care plan. Our advanced clinical technology allows our nurses to monitor your loved one’s care and recognize small shifts in their health that could lead to serious health complications if not treated promptly. With our technology, your loved one’s nurse is able to update their care plan and follow up with their caregivers to ensure the entire care team is up-to-date on any care plan changes.


Expert Care Team and Caregivers

With Mavencare, your loved one’s total wellness is supported by a team of health professionals, including a certified caregiver, clinical manager, care coordinator and social worker as needed.

We keep you connected to your loved one’s care through an easy-to-use app so that you can book or monitor home care appointments anytime, from anywhere. If you prefer calling us, or you need assistance with anything, our support staff is available to assist you 24/7.

Certified Caregivers:

We use our proprietary technology to find the best caregiver for your loved one based on their needs, interests, and preferences. Our caregivers go through an extremely rigorous screening process. As a result of our commitment you receive caregivers that are: highly skilled, compassionate, screened, licensed, fully insured, and doing what they love.

Mavencare Caregiver Hiring Process

Clinical Managers:

With our advanced clinical monitoring technology, registered nurses are able to monitor your loved one’s care to assess and address any inconsistencies. Even small health changes can cause big issues. With clinical managers monitoring your loved one’s care, we can adjust care plans to keep your loved one healthier and safer at home.

Care Coordinators:

Your care coordinator assists you from the very beginning and throughout the entire home care process. They work with you to arrange the best caregiver for your loved one, and they guide you through the necessary steps to begin care. Your care coordinator continues to manage your loved one’s home care schedule to ensure all shifts are covered and both your loved one and their caregivers are satisfied with their relationship.

Social Workers:

Social workers can support your loved one and your family through the home care process with the goal of maintaining and improving your loved one’s quality of life from a holistic perspective.

Your loved one’s needs are our first priority, and we employ an entire care team of health professionals so that your loved one’s total wellness is cared for to maintain their highest quality of life.

At Mavencare we focus on total wellness because this is the best way to help your loved one get stronger, healthier, and happier when possible.

Connected Home Care

Our technology not only makes it easier for our care team to do their jobs, it makes it easier for you to stay connected to your loved one’s home care and their entire care team.

You get real-time access to daily GPS check-ins, photo and video messages, shift details and more.

Care Updates:

Our caregivers communicate care updates and completed tasks through our app so you are always kept up to date.

Location Updates:

Keep track of your loved one’s care through GPS verified check-ins and check-outs.

Live Chat:

Communicate with your Mavencare care team or family members all within the app.


View and update upcoming care appointments.


View invoices, make payments, and manage your billing information.

Our team will provide you with an overview of the app, and if you have any questions about using it, we are able to provide training.

Consistency of care is imperative for senior home care. With Mavencare, you know you’re getting the highest quality of care and our technology enables full communication among the entire care team.

We Are Dedicated to Guiding You Through the Entire Process.

Finding quality home care can be difficult. We understand that life is busy, and arranging care when you need it most can become challenging.

We are passionate about providing the highest quality home care and dedicated to guiding you through the entire process.

Our senior care coordinators are available 24/7 to discuss your current situation and our care services with you. You can reach them at 1-800-85-MAVEN.