Top 10 Things to Do with Your Aging Parents in Edmonton

Are you looking for ways to build a stronger relationship with your aging parent but aren’t quite sure how to engage? There’s a wide range of great activities around Edmonton that are perfect for developing bonds. These aren’t the same old tourist traps you’ve heard about time and again, but genuine opportunities for spending valuable time with your mom or dad. Here are the top 10 choices, in no particular order, for spending a day or evening out:

1.    Play Your Favourite Board Games

If you’re like many other kids who grew up in Edmonton before the age of computers, you remember many fun nights at home with your parents playing all sorts of board games. You can relive these memories with your parent all over again by visiting the Table Top Board Game Cafe. For just a small fee, you can have access to a huge selection of popular and rare board games that are fun and inclusive. Whether you want to wage an intense strategic battle with your father or simply relax and chat with an easy game with your mother, Table Top has you covered.

Photo by  David Krueger

Photo by David Krueger

2.    Explore Nature at the Botanical Gardens

Do you and your mom or dad love nature? You’ll find endless hours of exploration and amazement at the Devonian Botanic Gardens at the University of Alberta. These gardens feature more than 80-acres of ecological preserves and natural areas for viewing a wide range of plant and animal species that will have you and your parent chatting about for hours. The best part is that the gardens are changing throughout the year, so you can watch the stunning transformation of foliage in fall as well as the birth of fresh life during spring. 

Photo by  ACTA

Photo by ACTA

3.    Experience the Microbrew Revolution

If you and your parent aren’t against imbibing in a bit of beer now and then, you’ll have a great time experiencing the huge growth in delicious microbrews springing up all around Edmonton. New craft brewers in the area are developing innovative techniques for creating flavours never tasted in those bland big import and domestic labels. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to newest micro brewing companies. The Alley Cat Brewing Company is Edmonton’s oldest craft brewery, and their tour and free tasting is a great way to spend a few hours.

4.    Get Tickets to the Varscona Theatre

Want to experience entertainment that’s truly local? The Varscona Theatre is home to a wide range of local production companies who put on dramas, musicals, comedies, cabarets, and all other type of productions throughout they year. If you and your parent loved going to the theater in the past, the Varscona offers a whole new world of entertainment opportunities. When you visit this venue, you’ll be supporting a truly local institution. 

5.    Visit a Farmers’ Market

Whether you and your parent love to cook or simply enjoy locally made treats and crafts, Farmers’ Markets throughout Edmonton provide ample opportunities for shopping and spending time with your loved one. The Old Strathcona Farmers' Market has been selling garden products, baked goods, and crafts for more than 3 decades, and they rotate between nearly 300 vendors throughout the year. 124 Grand Market is a bit more upbeat and specifically built for summer. It features performances from many local artists as well as a pack of roving food trucks. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon with your mom or dad between May and October.

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6.    Take a Guided Fishing Trip

Fishing is great for people of all ages, and you and your mom or dad are likely to have a great time on one of the guided excursions offered by Get Hooked. Since finding the right locations and providing the equipment will be handled by your guide, you can focus your time and energy on enjoying every moment with your family. There are few better and less intensive ways to enjoy nature than sitting out on a boat and catching a few fish. Whether you want to go out on a lake or river, you’ll be sure to have a memorable day out on the water.

Photo by  Kasper Nymann

Photo by Kasper Nymann

7.    Enjoy a Few Horse Races

Whether you’re 42 or 82, there’s nothing quite like rooting for the horse you bet on in a big race. Northlands Park has been the home for horse racing in Edmonton for more than 130 years, and it’s almost open every day of the year for both on and off-track betting. While the main attraction here is racing, there’s lots of other events located here throughout the year where you and your parent can have a great time connecting. Make sure to catch the Canadian Annual Derby for some of the most exciting racing of the year.

8.    Be Young again with Mini Golf

Maybe miniature golf is technically for kids, but there’s no stopping you and your mom and dad from enjoying a round of putts in Edmonton’s flashy Monster Mini Golf or Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf. This relaxed paced activity is perfect for having conversations and cracking jokes with your parents, and it’s a great way to invigorate their lifestyle. If you’re up for a full grown-up round of golf, Edmonton has more than 80 beautiful courses for you to enjoy during the long hours of summer. 

Photo by  Rick Elvin

Photo by Rick Elvin

9.    Go to an Oilers Game

When’s the last time you and your parents went out to a hockey game to cheer your local players? Bringing mom or dad to the rink can bring back exciting memories of hockey that likely go back decades. You’ll be able to reconnect with a unified spirit whether you’re rooting for your favourite NHL players or watching potential future stars at an Oil Kings WHL game. 

10.    See a Film at the Metro Cinema

Do you and your mom or dad love movies both new and old? The Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre is a spot for film lovers of all kinds. As a non-profit organization, the only mission of this theatre is to bring back an affordable but classic movie-going experience for Edmonton residents. This art-deco theatre features classic movie snacks and amenities for your enjoyment. You’ll find everything from documentaries and foreign films to new releases and classics at the Metro Cinema. 

As you can see, Edmonton is home to many indoor and outdoor activities that offer endless opportunities for you and your aging parent to spend time. Enjoying just a few activities a year can be great for your relationship.


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