Top 10 Things to Do with Your Aging Parents in Calgary

Calgary has plenty to offer an aging senior in the way of fulfilling physical activities, culture and history, world-class dining and majestic landscapes. Thriving industry has made downtown Calgary a cultural hub, while the traditional cow-town’s stampede roots has imbued its people with personality. There is no lack of activities for your parent to enjoy, but they will need your help in planning a successful outing. Be sure to take your parent’s specific medical conditions and limitations into account when choosing an activity. If you are going on a walk, pick an area with nearby restrooms, places to sit and/or available dining.

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1. Visit Glenbow Museum

The Glenbow Museum is a gem of Western Canadian history. Not only does it curate the most extensive collection of exhibits on the region and its past, but it also features world renowned travelling art exhibits. The museum contains all of the amenities that your parent might require, including wheelchair access and a heavily lauded staff. The Glenbow will rekindle your parent’s nostalgia, entertain them with international cultures and offers them a fun walk.

Photo by  K G

Photo by K G

2. A Walk in Prince’s Island Park

Prince’s island on the Bow River is a walker’s paradise. An outing on the well maintained walkways promises to be a quiet and relaxing change from busy downtown. It is an ideal place for your parent to take their dog for a walk, or to spend some time with the grandchildren in one of the lovely playgrounds. If your parents get tired, there are benches, shady spots, and The River Cafe, a local lunchtime hotspot.

3. Senior Meetup Groups

If your parent is interested in meeting other seniors and socializing you should try signing up for a meetup group. The internet has been a revolutionizing tool for finding and vetting local groups of any interest. is one such online service that has brought communities together for over twelve years. Some popular senior meetups in Calgary are:

  • Technology for Seniors Calgary is a meetup community of seniors that help each other to learn and utilize new technology such as smartphones, computers, laptops and cameras.
  • Calgary 60+ Group has over 190 senior members who meet frequently for activities, dining and conversations of any sort.

4. Senior Citizen Recreation Centres

Recreation centres are one of the best outing ideas for seniors because of how much they have to offer. Art and crafts, athletics, board games and discussion groups abound throughout the city’s recreation centres. A Senior Citizen’s Transit Pass is available through the Calgary city government's website. Some of Calgary’s more popular recreation centres include:

Photo by  Analog Coffee

Photo by Analog Coffee

5. Amazing Coffee Shops

Downtown Calgary is home to coffee shops that take their craft seriously. The city’s premiere baristas compete internationally and often bring home the bragging rights. If your parent is a coffee lover, then a relaxing outing to one of these cafes might prove to be the perfect day out:

  • Analog Coffee on 17th Ave is widely regarded as having the best cup of joe in town. The crowd is decidedly hip, but that makes for excellent people watching, and the cafe’s extensive clientele never cramps the relaxed interior seating area.
  • Higher Ground on Kensington road is the best cafe if you want a bite to eat with your cup of coffee. The menu sports eclectic salads, perfected mac and cheese, and many desserts. Find a cozy place to sit for your parent in the homely seating area spend the day lost in comfort.
Photo by  Bernard Spragg

6. Walk Through Heritage Park

A trip to Heritage Park Historical Village includes a stroll through re-enacted history, exposure to Calgary's rich history, a stop to a locally renowned bakery and possibly even a train ride. Heritage park is popular with locals and tourists alike because it creates a sense of environment that is full of meaning and joy. A summertime brunch at this park’s cafe is exemplary of Calgary’s charm.

7. Have Brunch at the Holy Grill

If a thoroughly satisfying meal counts as you and your parent’s idea of a perfect outing then brunch at the Holy Grill is as good as it gets. This family owned restaurant has become somewhat of an institution in town, now with multiple locations, and provides a dining experience your parent will love to repeat. The staff’s trademark cheerfulness keeps the mood light and the humble interior keeps it humble. An outing to the Holy Grill pairs well with a walk at a park.

Photo by  CalgaryBuzz

Photo by CalgaryBuzz

8. Dine at Rogue

If you’d like to spoil your parent with a fine dining experience then a trip to Rogue is in order. Chef Jamie Harling is a gourmet genius who specializes in turning locally grown ingredients into edible works of art. Patio dining will offer you a view of the restaurant's own herb and vegetable garden. Seasonal dishes makes Rogue a great place to revisit and continuously make your parent feel how special they are.

Photo by  Sheldon Brown

Photo by Sheldon Brown

9. Visit the Calgary Zoo

A trip to the Calgary Zoo is great for a family outing, and can create many opportunities for your parent to bond with their grandchildren. Your parent will be getting plenty of exercise by walking, also there are plenty of restrooms, places to sit and food vendors. The Calgary Zoo has elephants, penguins, tigers and more.

Photo by  John Andersen

Photo by John Andersen

10. Enjoy a Stephen Avenue Walk

If culture and entertainment is what your parent desires then go out for a walk on Stephen Avenue. Countless shops, restaurants and oddities will be on display and fun events pepper the calendar. Stephen Avenue is beautifully decorated for the holidays and is always photogenic, in case your parent has the photo bug. Plenty of rest stops, benches and charming cafes make this outing great for seniors with physical limitations.

A great time can be had with your aging parent any day in Calgary, Alberta. There is no lack of cultural events, community activities and quaint walking areas to suit anyone’s tastes. Once you’ve considered your parent’s physical limitations all you have to do is pick from the extensive list of possible activities. The great thing about Calgary is that wherever you go there is sure to be a comfortable place to relax and a charming community with which to interact.


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