How to Bring the Christmas Spirit to Your Elderly Loved Ones

How to Bring the Christmas Spirit to Your Elderly Loved Ones

The Christmas season has long since been a tradition of surrounding yourself with those you care about most. Even during the coldest season of the year, being able to visit your loved ones brings warmth and comfort to family members. But as people age and their lives progress, it can be increasingly difficult to be able to bring family together to share those special moments. 

If your elderly loved one has trouble travelling for the holidays, there are still a number of ways that you can include them in your holiday plans to help ensure they feel connected and cared for during the cold winter.

4 Functional Gift Ideas for your Aging Father

Father’s day is a special day in which we adore making our loved one’s feel special.

Seniors often need assistance with Activities of Daily Living. While they might not be as exciting as vacations abroad or sports cars, assistive gift items can improve the overall quality of life for an aging person.

Top 4 Gift ideas for your aging father:

1. Gifts for Poor Vision

  1. Magnifying glass for reading
  2. Oversized calculator
  3. Headlamps for bright lights while reading

2. Gifts for Hearing Impairment

  1. Listening devices such as headphones which are blue tooth
  2. Alert systems for smoke alarms and doorbells
  3. Amplified telephones

3. Gifts for Stiff Joints

  1. Long Shoe Horn
  2. Electric scissors
  3. Jar opener

4. Gifts for Limited Mobility

  1. Grabbers around the home when moving around
  2. Bed canes for short walks
  3. Wheelchair organizer to allow storage and easy reach

Celebrate Father's day by giving a thoughtful gift that will make any elderly father happy with useful gifts!

Managing Respite Care on Victoria Day

It’s the first long weekend with a little warm weather and everyone is looking forward to a much needed, relaxing break. For those of us caring for vulnerable seniors at home or wanting someone to check in on our elderly family members over the weekend while we are away, such weekends can present a challenge. The solution for you and your family might just be respite care. Respite care provides a short period of rest and relief for caregivers. Caregivers are typically a family member, friend or spouse. Respite allows caregivers a necessary break to join in community activities, rest and renew their energy. During occasions like Victoria Day, when many Canadians open their cottages for the summer, respite care is an easily accessible option to provide peace of mind and security for the whole the family.

The two most commonly used methods of respite care during weekends, holidays or any short period of time are:

Day Centers/Family Home Programs  

There are several day centers throughout the GTA that provide attentive care and supervision to individuals in need. This is especially helpful for those suffering from cognitive disorders. For longer periods of time, there are Family Home Programs where a senior lives in another family’s home for the short term.

Certified Caregivers

Hiring a certified caregiver (Personal Support Worker) is also an excellent option for respite care. This is usually the most common choice of care, the most cost efficient, and the option preferred by most seniors, as they are able to remain in the comfort of their own homes. A caregiver is sent to an individual’s home to assist with activities of daily living while ensuring the senior remains safe.  Experienced caregivers can be highly equipped to manage situations which are more complex, like advanced and aggressive dementia care, severe immobility, and emergency situations. A caregiver can stay at a family’s home for a specified duration of time, visit periodically or provide strictly overnight care.

Certified Caregivers are experienced in assisting with Light housekeeping, Meal preparation, Bathing/Showering, Transferring, Safety checks, Medication reminder, Companionship, Exercise, Running errands/grocery shopping to name a few.

We all need a little relief at some point.  Having respite care on weekends such as Victoria Day, can ultimately make us better caregivers, restore our health, allow us to catch up on errands/projects and, of course, have some fun!