4 Functional Gift Ideas for your Aging Father

Father’s day is a special day in which we adore making our loved one’s feel special.

Seniors often need assistance with Activities of Daily Living. While they might not be as exciting as vacations abroad or sports cars, assistive gift items can improve the overall quality of life for an aging person.

Top 4 Gift ideas for your aging father:

1. Gifts for Poor Vision

  1. Magnifying glass for reading
  2. Oversized calculator
  3. Headlamps for bright lights while reading

2. Gifts for Hearing Impairment

  1. Listening devices such as headphones which are blue tooth
  2. Alert systems for smoke alarms and doorbells
  3. Amplified telephones

3. Gifts for Stiff Joints

  1. Long Shoe Horn
  2. Electric scissors
  3. Jar opener

4. Gifts for Limited Mobility

  1. Grabbers around the home when moving around
  2. Bed canes for short walks
  3. Wheelchair organizer to allow storage and easy reach

Celebrate Father's day by giving a thoughtful gift that will make any elderly father happy with useful gifts!