Family vs. Professional Caregiving Roles

June is Seniors' Month

June is Seniors' Month, an opportunity to honour the seniors who have contributed so much. We are featuring 4 topical trends of senior care this month.

1st week: The reality of our aging population

2nd week: 5 key eldercare technologies

3rd week (this week): Family vs Professional Caregiving Roles

4th week: The emergence of family-focused care

Due to the aging population, the roles of the caregiving has become one of the most hotly debated topics when it comes to healthcare and specifically eldercare. The responsibility of being a caregiver, whether you are paid or unpaid, is pretty much the same as caring for the infants and children. They both need special attention and proper care. It could be argued that the elderly are more vulnerable due to added factors such as financial abuse and the effects of changing medication.

The top roles of the unpaid caregiver which tends to be family members and friends have evolved into being:

  • Providing emotional support
  • Managing finances
  • Coordinating care between family members
  • Deal with unhelpful or uninvolved family members
  • Cope with rapidly progressing medical matters such as depression, loneliness, and forgetfulness
  • Supervising all healthcare providers and insurance companies
80% of caregiver feel extreme stress and 50% have a form of depression

Paid caregivers, which could be companions, professional caregivers, and nurses carry an extreme burden of roles and responsibilities no less than the family members.  Some of their roles include:

There are many signs when caregiving by a family member is no longer suitable.  Typically unpaid caregivers are usually the spouse of the elderly or the adult children, normally the daughter(s).

The top 4 indicators you need professional caregiving are:

  1. Ignoring the caregivers own health problems
  2. Losing sleep
  3. Holding in feelings of anger and frustration
  4. Lack of time to care for yourself

Taking on the role of being an unpaid caregiver is an extremely difficult task for the reason that caring for the aged takes a lot of patience, understanding, and time. There is an enormous amount of compromise when taking on the role of a family caregiver.  Above were mentioned just a few of the many roles and responsibilities of a caregiving towards for the elderly. Employing a caregiver is one of the alternatives in caring for our elderly loved ones.

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