Secrets behind Family Focused Care

June is Seniors' Month

June is Seniors' Month, an opportunity to honour the seniors who have contributed so much. We are featuring 4 topical trends of senior care this month.

1st week: The reality of our aging population

2nd week: 5 key eldercare technologies

3rd week: Family vs Professional Caregiving Roles

4th week (this week): The emergence of family focused care

In the past, Family Focused Care has been discussed and associated mostly in the context of child health, mainly concerning chronic conditions of childhood.

Most recently, family focused care is concentrating on elder and senior care.

The elderly population represents the quickest growing age category in North America. Meanwhile, North America is lacking in physicians specialized in caring for the elderly.

To have the most efficient care, the items below need to be completed:

  • Risk identification programs such as home safety assessments
  • Maintaining independence to the fullest extent possible
  • The promotion of health and prevention of disease
  • Full awareness of falls prevention programs
  • Incontinence assessment and treatment
  • Dementia screening and consultation services
  • Caregiver support and education for both paid and unpaid caregivers
Seniors accounting for nearly 50% of all the North America’s hospitalizations and they visit their family physician twice as often as younger patients.

The outcomes of family focused care for the elderly have been fantastic. The 4 key outcomes have been identified as:

  1. Better capital planning to mitigate uncertainties
  2. Wider range of peer support
  3. Smooth transition to elder care
  4. Larger selection of resource centres for elder care

The capacity of many seniors to age at home will be dependent upon the support of the healthcare providers, spouses, families, and other caregivers. Caregivers need to be seen to be part of the solution and the strategy for seniors care. Developing a senior and family friendly framework of family focused care will enable seniors to age at home. Research has shown that family centred senior’s care provides the most optimal experience for the families of the senior being cared for, enhances elder outcomes, and makes the health care providers work more meaningful and efficient.

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