5 Signs of Caregiver Stress

Supporting a person in need of care requires time and energy. While it is often a rewarding experience, it is always a stressful and demanding experience. Recognizing the signs of caregiver stress in yourself or someone you care about is critical to taking action.

  • Denial: Caregivers might deny the current situation or simply underplay it.

"Everyone is making a big deal, I know dad will get better."

  • Anger: Caregivers might experience anger towards the senior in need of care or the primary medical condition like Dementia.

"I am going to lose it if I am asked the same question one more time!"

  • Social Withdrawal: Caregivers might no longer want to participate in social activities or gatherings.

"I am too tired to go out!"

  • Anxiety: Caregivers can experience significant anxiety over what the future may hold.

"I am worried what will happen if I can no longer care for mom."

  • Exhaustion and Depression: Caregivers might feel exhausted, hopeless and depressed.

"I can barely get out of bed"

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