Black Friday Deals for Seniors

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, the Black Friday deals are eager shoppers’ first chance to get a jump start on Christmas shopping - or just take advantage of some of the great deals on much needed items.

The Black Friday craze is often viewed as intimidating and impossible to navigate for adults who aren’t used to the massive crowds that participate in Black Friday. Thankfully, many retailers have moved a good portion of their deals online so shoppers can take advantage of the sales without ever needing to leave home. Below are some great Black Friday deals we found that we recommend for you or your loved ones this holiday season.


As people age, the importance of a good sleep becomes more and more important over time. The quality of your sleep can have a major factor on your day-to-day living in terms of comfort and energy. In order to ensure you get the best sleep, it is important to make sure you have the right tools at home to help.


Charter Club Elite Pillows
If you are looking for a high quality pillow that will ensure your back and neck get proper support and rest throughout the night, these hypoallergenic cotton-covered pillows are perfect as they come in a variety of sizes to fit your sleeping style - perfect for seniors who prefer to sleep a certain way to maximize comfort and minimize having to wake up and adjust your position throughout the night.
- Macy’s : $79.99 (Down from $160)

Animal Pillows from the Martha Stewart Collection
These holiday themed throw pillows are great for animal lovers, or simply those looking for more comfort options around the home. These are smaller in size and can also be used as back support while lying down or elevating your feet - perfect for seniors who want to ensure they can stay comfortable while enjoying a holiday aesthetic.  
- Macy’s $39.99 (down from $80)


Chenille Throw Blanket
It’s not always easy to stay warm around the house as the temperature can change throughout the day and as you move from room to room. This simple throw blanket is great to have handy for when you need to quickly warm-up but don’t want to worry about wearing more clothing. An added benefit for seniors is the lightweight design that doesn’t sacrifice warmth.
- Target $9.99 starting Friday (down from $19.99)

Clothing and Accessories

The winter season is especially challenging for many as the harsh winds and chilling temperatures become the norm. It is important for everyone to ensure they are dressing properly for the weather to make it through the season happy and healthy. 


Packable Winter Jackets
One of the most important items for the winter weather is a reliable winter jacket. These particular jackets are easily packed for transportation, are water and wind resistant and lightweight so you can stay warm without being weighed down; which becomes an increasingly bothersome task for seniors who want to stay warm in the harsh winter. 
- Macy’s Women’s $59.99 (down from $89.99) , Men’s $59.99 (down from $164.99)


Sonoma Women’s Long Plush Robe
This plush robe is great for women who are looking to stay warm on those cold winter mornings and evenings. It's easy to use, comes with a belt to adjust to your preferred size and is  extremely comfortable due to the ultra-plush material. Its particularly beneficial to seniors as its easy to put on and secure with minimal effort. 
- Kohl’s $24.99 (down from $50)

Men’s Plaid Flannel Button-up Shirt
An easy and effective style throughout the winter, the flannel plaid button shirt is great for everyday use that can help keep you warm in any situation. With the incredible savings due to Black Friday, seniors can stock up on a variety of high quality button-ups to last year-round with confidence that they will last and keep you from needing to replace them in the near future.
- Kohl’s $9.99 (down from $36)

ClimateRight Women’s Stretchable Long Sleeve Underwear
A growing trend in winter apparel has been thermal underwear, which allows you to put on an extra layer of warmth without worrying about too much extra weight. It's incredibly easy to put on under your current wardrobe and gives you freedom to wear your favorite clothes without sacrificing warmth.Typically thermal underwear is not cheap, which is why Black Friday is the best time to grab some before the winter.
- Wal-mart $4.99 (as of Friday, down from $9.96)


One of the biggest draws around the Black Friday deals is the incredible discounts that can be found on large priced items such as televisions, computers and other home entertainment products. While much of the attention is typically put on these big box items, there is some great opportunities on lower priced tech gadgets that can help around the home.

Dirt Devil Pro Express
It isn’t always easy doing quick vacuuming jobs around the house if you are still using an old, clunky vacuum cleaner. This discounted model is a perfect answer to that as it is lightweight, easy to use and maintain and is designed to stand up-right so you don’t have to bend down. This specific model is designed for fast and easy jobs without much fuss, a great feature for aging seniors who are looking to save time on daily tasks.  
- Target $24.99 (as of Friday, down from $44.99)

Altec Lansing Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
This device packs incredible sound quality in a small, easy to use and transport package. The speaker is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, snowproof and even floats so you don’t have to worry about where you want to listen to your favorite music.  The wireless Bluetooth element makes it easy for seniors or their caregivers to listen to music anywhere in their home with minimal work.
- Wal-mart $27.94 (down from $36)

Medical Products

While Black Friday deals are great for a variety of consumer items, it is important to remember that it presents a good opportunity to buy much needed medical supplies and products that are typically quite expensive. 


Walgreen’s Rollator Ultra-light
As the elderly advance in age, one of the main issues with retaining independence is the access to mobility. Since the rollator is a common item among seniors, this is a great opportunity to buy a new light-weight model at a low price so you aren’t worried about replacing it over the winter months. This particular model is great for seniors looking for independence as it comes with a detachable carry-on bag and fold-able design for easy storage. 
- Walgreen’s $89.99 (down from $139.99)

Walgreen’s Transport Chair Ultra-light
Similar to the above item, this lightweight transport chair is great for giving you the ability to go about your daily activities with ease. The main benefit for seniors is its half the weight of a regular wheelchair, comes highly customizable, and designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Walgreens $89.99 (down from $159.99)